Monday, 26 March 2007

GSI Meeting Outcomes - 19 March

I would like to confirm the current status and actions agreed upon at this last meeting.

1. The task team consists of five main streams namely:
- Community Survey: Omri van Zyl
- Communication Strategy: Mareli Wassenaar
- Security Solution: Hein Snyman
- Community Mobilization: Lance de Willers
- Community Improvement District: Mike Bolifilatos

2. The task team accepted that it will pursue a Community Improvement District in which a security solution will be developed.

3. Next steps
3.1 Appoint Piet du Toit and apply for assistance from the Tshwane Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Charles Barwise - Done
3.2 Engage other important roleplayers. Charles Barwise - In process
3.3 Finalise questionnaire. Everybody provide final feedback to Omri by end this week
3.4 Engage volunteers. Everybody
3.5 Meeting with the Sunnyside Station Commander, 26 March 2007 at 05:00
- Hein Snyman
- Lance de Willers
-Pravin Gordhan
-Charles Barwise

Charles Barwise Tel: (011) 289-0661 Fax: (011) 289-0820 e-mail:

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Turn your cellphone into a panic button

HOME911 - for all cell phone networks:

In a home emergency, any one of the HOME911 members presses the speed dial button on his/her cellphone.
A call is made to HOME911 monitoring centre. The call rings once, then is disconnected (before it is answered, therefore no call charges to the member) and HOME911 immediately sends an ALERT SMS to all the member's sms recipients similtaniously.

HOME911 logs the call and informs the operator, confirms and records all sms deliveries. "This process is completed in ±30 seconds"

Example - the member in the emergency situation may be confronted by the mugger, robber or rapist and by just using the speed dial facilty on their cellphone will make the call to HOME911 without alerting the criminal that a call has being made.

In a criminal emergency the role of the sms recipient is not to call the member in distress or place is/her life at risk by getting physically involved but to contact the South African Police Services.

In a medical emergency the role of the sms recipient/s is to contact the member and assist where ever possible, either by contacting medical services, family doctor etc.

More information available at

Look4help - For Vodacom subscribers only:

Look4help provides Vodacom subscribers with a mobile panic button. By saving the Look4help number *120*888*888# as a speed dial, you can immediately notify 4 pre-specified cell users that you need help, and inform them of your current location.

Look4help means that any Vodacom subscriber in emergencies don't have to waste precious seconds giving your location to a third party over the phone.

Look4help is available for a subscription fee of R11.40 per month. The cost of activating a Look4help alert is R2.99.

To register for Look4Help follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your Look4me account. If you have forgotten your login details, or you're not currently registered for Look4me simply send the word PIN to 31888. You will receive an SMS within a short while informing you of your Look4me Internet login details. Registering for a Look4me web account is free.
  3. Once you have logged into your account, click on the Look4help tab on the left hand side of the screen. You will be presented with the Look4help screen.
  4. Complete the appropriate fields by entering the cell numbers of the persons you wish to notify in an emergency. Click on the confirm button.
  5. Save the following code to your contact list: *120*888*888#
  6. Allocate one of your speed-dials to this number. We recommend "9"

In an emergency situation simply depress the relevant button, i.e. "9", for 5 seconds. Up to 4 SMS's detailing your current location will immediately be sent to the pre-specified cell users.
TariffsSubscription is R11.40 per month.

You will only be charged when you process the panic button (i.e. “9”). The cost is R3.42 whether it is sent to 1 or 4 people. Note that these tariffs are subject to change without prior notice.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Groenkloof Police Forum Meeting -14 February 2007

At the last GPF public meeting you may remember that a suggestion to form a task team was made and people volunteered to serve on this task team.

These people were contacted by Charles Barwise and met on 19 February 2007 where a task team was created and named THE GROENKLOOF SAFETY INITIATIVE.

The aim of this initiative is to ultimately make Groenkloof a safe area where residents can pursue a quality life style. We see this happening through community involvement and a security solution which is best for the community at large. The group commits themselves to represent the interests of everyone in the Groenkloof area and to operate in a transparent manner. You will be able to recognise future correspondence from the group by the GSI logo used on this letter.

Proposals for private security solutions, mobilizing the community to work with the SAPS and communication in support of a safer Groenkloof was discussed. Smaller task teams were formed to address these focus areas. These teams meet every Monday night to ensure quick progress on these issues. A list of teams with contact details is included. Please contact the team leaders if you are willing to get involved.

The teams are:

1. Community survey (Inventory / Questionnaire) Chairperson - Omri van Zyl e-mail: Cell: 082-417-5724. The purpose is to determine the demographics and needs of our residents.

2. Communication (Brand owner) Chairperson - Mareli Wassenaar e-mail: Cell: 082-854-6854. The purpose is to build a database of our community and to ensure effective communication with the residents.

3. Security Solution (Ultimate plan / business plan / R&D) Chairperson - Hein Snyman e-mail: Cell: 082-776-1752. The purpose is to evaluate alternative security solutions and propose the best solutions.

4. Community Mobilization (Short-term plan / immediate benefits) Chairperson - Lance De Willerse-mail: Cell: 082-336-8529. The purpose is to work on suggestions that can immediately be of benefit to the community for example the domestic watch project.

Informal Research
In order to pursue some of the options to make our neighbourhood safer we need to know a little more about the residents and their needs. Volunteers will visit households in Groenkloof during March to execute this informal research. We ask your cooperation to please be available for 15 minutes to complete a short questionnaire. The volunteers will not ask you to share any confidential information and your participation in this process is strictly voluntary. We do hope, however, that you will allow the volunteers to talk to you and get your feedback and input to help make our neighbourhood safer. No-one knows Groenkloof better than its residents and your input will allow the task team to come up with the best solution to suit our community.

Some of us are rarely home and may find it easier to provide this information via email. If you would prefer the questionnaire to be emailed to you, please contact Omri van Zyl at

Groenkloof Residents Database
We will also be updating the Groenkloof Residents database and would like your cooperation to ensure more effective two-way communication. There are several options to make this happen:

· By Email
Please e-mail your Name and Surname to You will thereafter receive a reply to complete an electronic form.

· By hand
You can drop a note with your details (Name, Surname, Tel, Cell, Fax, Street Address and Postal Address, Stand no, Other) in Charles Barwise's postal box at no 103 Frans Oerder Street. Forms will be distributed at our next community meeting on 14 March.

· Face to face
If you can’t do any of the above, volunteers will get your details when they visit you shortly.

To conclude
If you would like to be part of the task team, register as volunteer, or get more information about the Groenkloof Safety Initiative, you can contact the task team leader at You can also read more about SAPS community policing at

The next Groenkloof Policing Forum meeting will take place on 14 March at 18h00 at UP Groenkloof Campus. We will use this opportunity to give you feedback on the progress and the research project will be launched at the event. Be there to show your support and take an active interest in the safety of Groenkloof.

GSI Communication